Jul 13, 2022 • 1HR 40M

Technically Education

with Prof. Irina Kuznetcova

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Kevin Hockmuth
Mapping the intersections of politics, economics, technology, and ethics.
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What is education ‘supposed’ to do? What role does technology have in achieving our educational goals as both students and teachers? Moreover, to the extent that we think of school as a place of learning, what exactly does it mean to ‘learn’? Education is an area of the social world that is highly fraught even in the best circumstances. However, the pandemic in conjunction with a contentious debates over the boundaries of social discourse and what ‘should’ be taught have brought these matters to the forefront of contemporary politics around the globe.

We are so fortunate to be joined by Irina Kuznetcova who brings here extensive experience as a researcher and educator to bear on our understanding of these important matters. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the Ohio State University and is a colleague of mine on the faculty here at Akita International University. Irina provides a host of valuable insights in our conversation and gives some analytical form to our experiences with education and technology amid the pandemic.