Nov 15, 2022 • 55M

Homecoming Weekend at Trump University

some post-election analysis from The Interesting Times

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Kevin Hockmuth
Chris Tharp
Mapping the intersections of politics, economics, technology, and ethics.
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The Interesting Times is back after some time away with a thoroughgoing breakdown and analysis of the election last week in the US. The last few days, you may have found yourself wondering what the middle-aged, American white guy who has lived in East Asia for at least fifteen years and is married to a woman from Busan, South Korea demo has to say about the election. Well, I am here to say than this is just the convo you’ve been looking for as myself and our two guests all fall squarely within this crucial demographic group. But more seriously, I am joined by my dear friends, superb writers, astute observers of all things political, and stand-up comedy brothers-in-arms, Chris Tharp and Sam Hazelton to have a go at trying to sift through the results.

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